Elley Duhé — DELIRIUM

Elley Duhé returns with stunning new single “DELIRIUM”

Watching Elley Duhé blossom into the star she was always destined to be since I first heard “IMMORTAL” back in December 2016 has been beautiful. Blessed with one of the most breathtaking voices in music, she’s back with her stunning new single “DELIRIUM”, the first single from her forthcoming debut album.

Built over an infectious electronic-centred pop production and paired with Elley’s alluring melodies and lyrical brilliance, “DELIRIUM” is an empowering track about her own personal experience in life that will connect with listeners who are looking for a fresh start and new beginnings.

“Delirium came through an opportunity to work with this amazing producer named Andrew Goldstein (blackbear, Maroon 5, LANY & more). Many times I’ve felt like I’ve lost parts of myself on this wild ride – this song kind of embodies that feeling when you feel like you’ve lost yourself in the chaos. But the secret is you never truly lose who you are sometimes we just get temporarily disconnected 🙂 as my first album is approaching Delirium is a beautiful intro into this death and rebirth of myself.”Elley Duhé.

Stream “DELIRIUM” below:

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