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London-based South African artist Dope Saint Jude shares romantic new single “Home”

Released today via Yotanka Records, “Home” is South African artist Dope Saint Jude’s take on a romantic song, accompanied by a sensual music video inspired by a Toni Morrison quote stating; “if there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”.

Taken from her upcoming project Higher Self, the song itself is brilliant— it’s an electronic-centred track with elements of alternative hip-hop and dark pop. Although the stunning visuals will probably draw the most attention, and rightly so— don’t sleep on this songs powerful lyrics where she celebrates her identity, sexuality and relationship. Amazing.

“The journey to creating this video was a long and laboured but also a fortuitous one. During the lockdown, I began to unpack my issues with my body image. Like many people, I had gained weight as a result of comfort eating and I found myself becoming increasingly critical of my figure. The lockdown brought with it a chance for introspection and I decided to embark on a journey of gratitude. With help of queer, African sex coach Kgothatso Motshele (@YourPleasureAdvocate), I started practicing gratitude for my body. It had gotten me safely through all these years, after all. Instead of critiquing myself, I started thanking my body for its strength and resilience over the years. I found that the putrid hate I had used as fuel to antagonise myself was slowly evaporating. To celebrate this, and to commemorate this new found physical, mental and spiritual growth, I decided to make my first explicitly, unapologetically queer video, celebrating my body, my sexuality and my relationship (my home)”Dope Saint Jude.

Stream “Home” below:

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Photo Credit: Lou Rolley

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