DEZI — Chaos Mode

New York City based artist DEZI shares stunning new single “Chaos Mode”

There’s something about electronic-driven songs with energy that we just love. 25 year-old New York City-based singer-songwriter DEZI has dropped a stunning song with replay value. “Chaos Mode” is a banger with clever wordplay and a memorable chorus. The song effortlessly combines pop and electronic music, but it’s the way DEZI executes her vocals which steals the show here. She sounds confident and sings with so much attitude— this is a badass song. “Chaos Mode” is chaotic, sexy, catchy and it slaps. Play it out loud, and add it to your playlists.

“I wrote this song because I’m a chaotic Aries and I wanted to make an anthem calling myself out on my own bullshit. I wrote it at an all-female/queer songwriting camp and it was absolute beauty and chaos”DEZI.

Stream “Chaos Mode” below:

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Photo Credit: Raf Usab

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