Kyle Hume — u & me

Kyle Hume drops new single “u & me”

22 year-old emerging artist Kyle Hume has already had a global reach with pop-led dance tracks in the past. And he’s back with the excellent new single “u & me”— a track which effortlessly combines pop and electronic music with a trappy production. With his raspy vocal performance, infectious chorus and solid production, as well as its commercial appeal, Kyle Hume has delivered one of the best new releases this month. Make sure you add this pop banger to your playlists.

“I’m a feeler. A sucker for really cheesy teen romance flicks and nostalgic moments. One of my favorite feelings in life is that moment with that certain person in your life where it just seems like everything else fades away. That’s the feeling “u & me” attempts to capture. A feeling we will never get enough of”Kyle Hume.

Stream “u & me” below:

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Photo Credit: Ethan Aldridge

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