Devon Braxton Shares Sensational New Single “Why You So Quiet”

Growing up, New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Devon Braxton had always been blessed with a talent for music and he set out to constantly refine his songwriting and performing skills, bringing his music to the next level. He’s a multitalented artist with a unique approach to his blend of music; his sound draws inspiration from a wide variety of musical legends. On his outstanding new single “Why You So Quiet”, Braxton effortlessly combines pop with soul and R&B — reminiscent of the likes of Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and Prince.

“Growing up very shy, I would always get the same questions asked everyday: ‘Why are you so quiet?’ ‘Why are you so serious?’ ‘Are you bored?’ ‘Are you angry?’ After finally discovering who I am, not only as an artist — but as a person, this is my direct response”Devon Braxton.

The Neptunes-inspired production and the breathtaking vocal performance are a match made in heaven, making this an infectiously catchy record with the ability of making listeners dance. It’s a refreshing track in an era overpopulated with samey Post Malone-esque vibes. Press play.

Listen to “Why You So Quiet” below:

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