Alichè Shares Apologetic New Single “Did I?”

London-based singer-songwriter Alichè emerged on the scene just over a year ago making her debut with a memorable performance at the world renowned music venue Camden Assembly, winning several new fans despite not having an official record out at the time. After her collaboration with rapper Fred Fredas on debut single “B.B.I.” — a single that has been well-received by platforms such as GUAP Mag, Lefuturewave, Elite Muzik etc — she spent a few months travelling around Cuba; exploring the culture and finding inspiration for her music towards the end of 2018 until early 2019.

She returned with promotional single “A Letter to the Old Me” in August — a soulful and heartwarming track which showcased her smooth vocal ability. Her brand new single “Did I?” is an emotionally-driven track which looks back on the rebellious and raging adolescent actions against her mum. It’s a beautifully-written track which oozes the fusion of R&B and soul that has become synonymous with the rising star. Sang with so much passion that instantly connects with listeners over a well-polished production by Deuon Smith.

“The most challenging relationships in my life – the hurt, the love, the anger and the joy – have been with family. So that’s where I go sometimes when writing a song. Writing is a way of working through, working out, those relationships. The most important, and the most fraught one, was with my mum: the most important person in my life. And god did we have one hell of a journey. I struggled massively growing up: making sense of the world, mental health and becoming a woman. Whatever I went through, whatever I raged against or put her through, my mum was there. The lyrics “I have you to thank that I’m still around” are scarily true” Alichè.

Listen to “Did I?” below:

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Photo Credit: Chris Reid