Dalia — Nothing But Pain

London-based newcomer Dalia releases debut single “Nothing But Pain”

Born in rural Spain, and now based in London, newcomer Dalia pursued her passion for music and honed her skills at the LIPA School of Performance Arts in Liverpool, alongside classmates Holly Humberstone.

Today, she makes her debut with the emotionally-driven “Nothing But Pain”, a dramatic but yet tender track which details love’s first break-up. She draws listeners in with her breathtaking vocal performance and deeply personal lyrics which allow listeners to feel a strong sense of empathy and connection with her.

“This song is an unfiltered portrayal of the headspace I was in at the time of writing. It represents my innermost thoughts and feelings during one of the lowest periods of my life. At the time, I was going through my very first heartbreak. As someone who has always found solace in creating art from my heavy feelings, this song is very special to me.   Writing ‘Nothing But Pain’ was a turning point in my life, and it helped me define the kind of artist I wanted to be. I hope people can connect and relate.”Dalia.

Stream “Nothing But Pain” below:

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