CLOUDxCITY — Maybe You’re The Reason

Genre-blending duo CLOUDxCITY release new single “Maybe You’re The Reason”

Consisting of Enjel (singer, songwriter, producer) and TAS (producer, DJ, songwriter), CLOUDxCITY may come from different backgrounds, but their chemistry and love for music creation brought them together after a lifetime of writing and producing.

Accompanied by a music video, emerging genre-defying duo CLOUDxCITY have dropped their slinky new single “Maybe You’re The Reason”. On the track, the pair reflect on a failed relationship and all its effects. In the music video, the two are found in a horror scenario which is guaranteed to make anyone lose their minds. Sonically, the track is laced with catch melodies throughout and built over a captivating trap-infused production with elements of indie pop.

“Maybe You’re The Reason” is the reflection of a failed toxic relationship. Sometimes when things fall apart, it can be hard to tell how it all went wrong retrospectively. We drew inspiration from our own experiences — the epic highs, crushing lows, and fallout from the break up. Ultimately, you take responsibility for your own actions while coming to terms with the fact that the relationship was doomed from the jump.” CLOUDxCITY.

Stream “Maybe You’re The Reason” below:

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