Cloe Wilder Delivers A Breathtaking Cover Of Ariana Grande’s “Breathin”

Sad/Pop 12 year-old singer-songwriter Cloe Wilder recently unveiled a breathtaking cover of Ariana Grande’s “breathin”. Accompanied by a high quality black and white visual, the rising star from Tampa, Florida delivers a vocally outstanding cover that will resonate with many listeners out there.

““breathin” has stayed with me ever since I read through the lyrics. I immediately related to it, since it speaks about anxiety and other mental issues. The song really is sad and intense, so I had a feeling that we could bring all of that out in this cover. We ended up with a melancholic and almost fear-striking sound, which I fell in love with. Being able to take a song and twist it into something that sounds like myself is an insane experience, because we ended up with a completely different product than what we started with. I loved being able to let my darkness run wild, and have it flow into the song in a very powerful and unique way.” Cloe.

Watch the video below.

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