Christelle Unveils Upbeat Pop Banger “Young Love” + Talks Being Black And Making Pop Music

DIY artist Christelle unveils upbeat pop banger “Young Love” + talks being black and making pop music.

Let me get straight to the point— although a lot of black artists have been able to thrive in genres such as pop, indie and electronic music in recent years, a lot of black artists are still placed in R&B or Hip-Hop categories because they are black. And to be honest, that’s not only annoying for someone like myself, a black music curator, but for actual black artists who create pop music, it’s actually ridiculous now. 21 year-old singer-songwriter Christelle is a black female artist who makes gorgeous pop music, she had a few words to say about this.

On the sound of her new single “Young Love”

“I know it’s poppy but I’m so glad you guys get it— the bigger message, because that’s what I’m going for; to show that black girls CAN make pop. I don’t mean to get super long winded but I’m super passionate about this. Again, I’m after one thing, to show that black girls CAN make pop music, like commercial, bubble gum pop. Not everyone has a big gospel voice and/or in turn, wants to be pigeonholed to make R&B/soul or rap by the media. I will keep working on my craft but the goal is to hopefully be a HUGE BLACK FEMALE pop star”. 

On her influences and aspiration

“All the people I look up to within the top of specifically pop music are white women— that’s totally fine, they’re incredible at what they do! But, I wish there was someone that looked more like me that I could list as an inspiration of mine or a reference. I hope that I can be that for girls coming after me because I never felt I never had. I’m 21 years old, I have no team, I conceptualise, play, make, write, record and produce everything on my own, in this record literally in my home at the moment”.


“I know overtime hopefully I will just continue to get better and better, but for a homemade record without the backing and even budget of a label, I’m super super proud of it and I really do think there is absolutely a gap in the market for a young, black, relatable, Gen Z female pop star that’s just waiting to be filled. NOW MORE THAN EVER! I just need people, like you guys, who believe in me, champion me forward and frankly ‘push me in front of people’s faces’ . Again I know that was long winded, but I just want you’s to know that I truly, truly appreciate the support”.

A truly passionate write up by Christelle, however the focus should be on her excellent new single “Young Love”— a captivating pop banger with gorgeous vocal melodies throughout. She expertly combines her empowered attitude and bold lyricism with an immaculately bright and catchy sound. If you’re looking for a song to brighten up your day or lockdown, then add “Young Love” to your playlists.

Stream “Young Love” below:

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