Boy Destroy Self-Reflects On New Single “You Don’t Want Me When I’m Sober”

Swedish emo alt pop prodigy Boy Destroy self-reflects on new single “You Don’t Want Me When I’m Sober”, taken from his forthcoming Warpaint EP.

Although he’s still relatively new on the music scene with just three singles under his belt, Swedish artist Boy Destroy has already been making a name for himself with his trailblazing approach to alternative music. He’s garnered support from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, Rock Sound Magazine, Alternative Press, Apple Music 1 Radio, Gigwise and many more platforms. It’s hard to really define his genre or box him in one particular genre as he combines multiples genres to create his own unique sound which appeals to a diverse audience. His latest offering “You Don’t Want Me When I’m Sober” is evident of that— flawlessly infusing emo sonics with a trap-infused production and sprinkles of alternative pop and rock here and there. He delivers a passionate and emotionally-charged vocal performance with vulnerable lyricism which will connect to many listeners who share the same experience as the emo alt pop prodigy. Clocking at 2:50 in duration “You Don’t Want Me When I’m Sober” is a honest piece of music with replay value and an electric energy that will go down well during a gig or at a festival, remember them?

“There is a certain type of person I’ve met many times during my dark periods. Sometimes by just looking into the mirror. Someone who counts the seven mortal sins on the tips of their fingers and feels no remorse causing pain. This is for them. We all wanted to destroy some part of ourselves. I dug myself down a hole I didn’t think I was gonna get out of, trying to disappear completely. But when I turned away from the path of self medicating using substances, it felt like I had betrayed some sort of code. The code of the living dead” Boy Destroy.

Released via independent label Loyalty Obsession and taken from his forthcoming Warpaint EP, “You Don’t Want Me When I’m Sober” is accompanied by a music video shot on 16mm film in and around a semi-abandoned mansion on the small island Stormholmen just outside Stockholm, and directed by Nowell Englund who says, “The sentimental, organic look of analogue film not only helped create this window into Boy Destroy’s past, but also acted as the more affectionate contrast to the story’s darkness”.

Stream “You Don’t Want Me When I’m Sober” below:

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