Cassie Marin — Floating

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin releases new single “Floating”

Cassie Marin continues her impressive streak of irresistible electronic-centred pop anthems with her latest offering “Floating”, taken from her next album due out this Summer. Paired with gorgeous melodies and a captivating production Cassie has dropped a dreamy summer pop tune with replay value and lyrics that will resonate with listeners.

“‘Floating’ is all about coping with isolation and discovering beauty in the mundane. It embraces us when we find it difficult to relate to others, or when we feel like some alien creature that has fallen from the sky. It packs this celestial sense of liberation that, when I wrote it, got me out of questioning who I was and how I was supposed to feel about it. I was reminded that there is never anything wrong with being different. I hope to take my listeners to this place, into the freedom of the sky, floating, above all doubt and fear, embracing fully the present moment and all that we are.” — Cassie Marin.

Stream “Floating” below:

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