Cara Hart — Mirror

Cara Hart unleashes electrifying new single “Mirror”

Madrid-born, LA-based multi-genre artist Cara Hart has already garnered attention from outlets such as Notion and Noctis. Her latest offering “Mirror”, is a electrifying new single that effortlessly combines electronic, pop and industrial rock. Lyrically, she explores the concept of how a person’s ambitions and goals in life can be limitless provided the necessary positive thinking is applied. It’s loud, it’s anthemic and well-written— “Mirror” is taken from her upcoming debut EP.

“I’m quite philosophical about life and our existence on this planet. I truly believe that we create what we see. However, in order to create the reality we wish to see we have to believe it. The world Mirrors our inner thoughts and feelings. Once you realise that, you have the potential to do anything in life, Mirror is exactly that. All you have to do is pay attention to the world. Your reality is infinite and I get so frustrated when people don’t understand that so I also represent that frustration in the track. Your possibilities are unlimited  and you can do anything you want in life”Cara Hart.

Stream “Mirror” below:

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