Brice Blanco — Fear of Flying

LA-based, Houston native Brice Blanco drops stunning new single “Fear of Flying”

Nothing is more exciting than coming across a promising artist with under 100 monthly listeners on Spotify. Houston, Texas native Brice Blanco, who now resides in Los Angeles, makes music that blends multiple genres— he likes feeling, not boxes.

On his latest offering “Fear of Flying”, Brice showcases his earworm vocal melodies and rapping ability over a captivating synth-infused production which effortlessly combines indie rock, R&B, soul and elements of neo-funk.

The track is not only infectious, the lyrics are engaging too. Although he may be a small artist right now, it’s evident that Brice Blanco has all the right tools to be a successful artist one day. Give this track a listen, and if you’re feeling it follow him on Instagram.

FFO: BLESSED, Kid Cudi, Outkast, Zaia etc.

“This song came about after running out of excuses. Knowing you have something to offer the world is not enough. Blaming other people not gonna cut it. In reality it was fear. I had to get rid of my fear of failure. Fear of change. FEAR OF FLYING!” Brice Blanco.

Stream “Fear of Flying” below:

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