AUBREY — Stay Longer

Newcomer AUBREY shares debut single “Stay Longer”

We’d like to introduce you to newcomer AUBREY, a musician currently based in Los Angeles and also known as the bass player for Canadian singer-songwriter Faouzia. She’s just released her debut single “Stay Longer” accompanied by a music video. The track is an electronic centred pop song about a relationship that’s ending, but if you look underneath, it’s about someone who has to admit to themselves that they can’t face being alone— a sentiment we can all resonate with. Built over a vibrant production, “Stay Longer” is catchy and has dark elements reminiscent of BANKS and Lana Del Rey. This is a solid debut, make sure you add this to your playlists.

“The story behind the lyrics is very personal to me because I’ve struggled almost my whole life with anxiety, and the thought of being truly alone has always scared me. I’ve used relationships to place a band-aid over this feeling, even if that meant staying in relationships that I knew weren’t working out. I tried to tell this story by adding more and more tension and desperation as the verses go on, until finally the last verse ends with the line “When I’m alone, I’m not alive,” meaning that sometimes I completely lose myself when I feel that lonely”AUBREY.

Stream “Stay Longer” below:

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