Amber Ryann — SAID THAN DONE

LA artist and producer Amber Ryann releases new single “SAID THAN DONE”

I still remember the day I first discovered Amber Ryann’s music, I was going through my discover weekly playlist on Spotify in late January 2021 and I stumbled on “ALONE”. Everything about that track was amazing, mesmerising melodies combined with a pulsating production— she’s now become one of my favourite finds in recent years, and a DNü favourite.

She stays on form on her latest offering “SAID THAN DONE”, which is the final single before her album EVEN WHEN IT FALLS APART drops on October 19th. Once again, Amber showcases her versatility as an artist by effortlessly blending alternative rock and pop with sprinkles of electronic music, and lyrically touching on a topic that most listeners will resonate with. She’s one of the most underrated emerging artists around, I believe she’s going to gain the recognition she truly deserves soon.

“‘Said Than Done’ is about the desire to move on from past trauma whilst realizing it never served you, but as the title says, that is always easier said than done.”Amber Ryann.

Stream “SAID THAN DONE” below:

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