5am Returns With New Single “Mascot”

Russian artist 5am returns with new single “Mascot”.

5am is arguably one of the most exciting new artists to come out of Russia in recent years, and he’s also someone who has been on our radar for the past year. Known for anthemic releases such as “Fivie You OK?” and “Tea Party”, he’s back with his latest offering “Mascot”— the emo rap song with pop punk vibes sees him pay homage to the early 00’s timeframe and its style. Lyrically, the song takes a look at the teenage romantic topic; picture a nerdy guy trying to win a Ramona Flowers-like girls hearts— perfectly fitting the early 00’s style teenage movies we all fell in love with. Although it’s fairly short in duration, “Mascot” is another memorable release by 5am, one that will go off at a live show.

FFO: Aries, Green Day, Lil Peep, BLVTH etc.

Stream “Mascot” below:

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