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Tonia Victoria Unveils New Single “All Of Her”

South London-raised singer-songwriter Tonia Victoria unveils new single “All Of Her”.

It’s true there’s a lot of talented UK R&B artists out there who are often slept on by large platforms or just people in general. However, not many of those artists are experimenting with different sounds to create their own unique sound to really standout from the rest. Hailing from Huddersfield and raised in South London, singer-songwriter Tonia Victoria’s new single “All Of Her” is an absolutely refreshing gem which effortlessly combines lo-fi R&B with alternative R&B and hip-hop. Filled with sensual lyrics, she delivers a breathtaking vocal performance that really draws you in. With its strong feminine energy, she exudes confidence throughout on what is her strongest release to date. Add this to your bedroom playlists.

Stream “All of Her” below:

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