5am Releases New Single “Fivie You OK?”

Russian alt-rap artist 5am combines hip-hop and rock on new single “Fivie You OK?”.

Moscow-based artist 5am grew up learning English as his second language, and studying his favourite artists within the rock and rap genres, which in turn inspired him to blend both styles and create his own unique sound. His latest offering “Fivie You OK?” is a fantastic fusion of rap and rock reminiscent of the early 00’s. 5am delivers a melodic vocal performance over the electric production which sounds like it was made for energetic live shows. With its universal appeal and anthemic vibe, 5am proves that Russia has the potential to create a potential star within the alt-rap music scene. It’s refreshing to hear music as current as this one from the biggest nation in the world. Add this to your playlists.

Stream “Fivie You OK?” below:

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