Dempsey Bolton Shares Stunning New Single “Savour”

Emerging artist Dempsey Bolton shares stunning new single “Savour”.

Dempsey Bolton grew up listening to Otis Redding and Stevie Wonder, and in recent years began producing demo tracks in his home studio after being inspired by the likes of Jack Garratt, James Vickery and Jordan Bratton. His new single “Savour” is a bassy slow-burn groove that takes listeners on a dark and completely evolving journey. Bolton’s vocal performance is breathtaking throughout the song, expertly matching with the excellent production. Overall, “Savour” is a stunning alternative R&B song with replay value. Add this to your playlists.

“Savour is the epitome of a night drive with your love interest. I created the vibe with the inspiration of “Makeout Point” that you hear about in every 80s horror movie. There are no serial killers on the loose in this track though, just nice cars, city skylines, and an anything-can-happen feeling. The sentiment: to savour the moment and forget about whatever stresses are waiting for you come sunrise”Dempsey Bolton.

Stream “Savour” below:

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