DIY Artist V.RI Unveils New Single “my own.”

Milton Keynes DIY artist V.RI unveils new single “my own.”, a collaboration with HEN$HAW and yunè pinku.

With independent releases stretching back to 2018, Milton Keynes-born artist V.RI has been doing it all by himself— producing, recording, mixing and mastering. Known for blending multiple genres such as indie rock, alt-rap, bedroom pop and at times trap metal, the 19 year-old artist’s latest offering “my own.” is another genre-bending release and arguably his best track to date.

With its emotional undertone and memorable chorus, V.RI has delivered a song that will resonate with many listeners thanks to its honest lyricism, gentle vocals and both HEN$HAW and yunè pinku’s solid contributions. The only way is up from here. Press play.

FFO: Kid Cudi, Lil Peep, Cautious Clay etc.

Stream “my own.” below:

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Photo Credit: Sara2shotty

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