YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB releases nostalgic new single “Sunday Afternoon”

London-based French-Cameroonian singer, composer, and engineer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB returns with her latest offering “Sunday Afternoon”. The song is interwoven with gorgeous melodies throughout and features additional production by Song Higginson. Staying vulnerable and raw in her approach to music, she has created a stunning song with a 90’s vibe that will resonate with fans of artists like Tracy Chapman and Fiona Apple

“Nostalgia is what inspires a lot of my music. I’m always trying to feel the way I felt when I was a kid, playing with my cousins in the garden for hours without any notion of time. When losing a game of Monopoly felt like the end of the world and movies seemed so real. When there would be a family function and we’d play music and eat and dance until we couldn’t. When my mom and dad took me to the beach and I’d jump in the water even if it was like 10°. When growing up was such an abstract and distant thing. This song is about longing to go back in time to feel this way again, and coming to the inevitable conclusion that it’ll never happen.” — YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Stream “Sunday Afternoon” below:


Photo Credit: Lee Cox

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