MINOE — Bleeding Heart’s Disco [EP]

Canadian rising star MINOE unveils debut EP Bleeding Heart’s Disco

After a busy October, we finally have the time to share Canadian rising star MINOE’s outstanding debut EP Bleeding Heart’s Disco. The 6-track body of work is the perfect introduction to one of our new favourites— an artist who’s proving to be an exceptional talent to watch.

Unapologetically herself throughout, the EP is your soundtrack to self-acceptance and moving forward. It’s empowering and honest with a lot of replay value. Lyrically, she touches on topics such as self-doubt, isolation and rising above the inner saboteur that many of us confront— instantly connecting with listeners from all walks of life.

Whereas most music we hear with emotional undertones are best listened to all alone or in the dark, MINOE has crafted a project we can all cry to in the club. It’s a flawless project with nothing but bops— a universally appealing EP with an array of superb songs, MINOE has created something special and unforgettable. We hope we don’t miss her next time she’s in London town!

Stream the EP below:

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