YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB shares socially conscious new single “Another Victim”

While she quietly works on her second EP which is due out next year, London-based, French-Cameroonian singer, songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB plans to release 3 standalone singles before the end of the year to show her appreciation to all her supporters.

Drawing inspiration from the late Sinead O’Connor’s activism and Tracy Chapman, the first release is her socially conscious new single “Another Victim”. Blending indie, pop and elements of folk, she details her experience of working in a corporate environment and the current cost of living crisis that’s affecting millions of people.

“I always knew I wanted to be an artist/creative, but out of necessity and I guess pride I took a couple corporate jobs, which I absolutely hated. I tried really hard to fit in but I just don’t fit in this whole work culture. I could never live to work, I didn’t see the point of ‘going the extra mile’ just to barely stay afloat every month financially. The song is a bit of a protest against this culture as well as the system we evolve in, where everything is about productivity and profit.”YAOUNDÉBOXINGLCUB.

Stream “Another Victim” below: