urfriendgrace — hopeful nocturnal

urfriendgrace releases debut album hopeful nocturnal

Drawing influence from artists like Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Faye Webster, Caroline Polachek, FKA Twigs and her brother, singer-songwriter urfriendgrace, an shy girl that was insanely cute and talented but just needed time to fully pop off, decided to get herself together and start releasing music back in April 2020.

In mid July she released her debut album hopeful nocturnal, a project she recorded in dorm rooms, her bedroom and other bedrooms. The project has this ethereal vibe throughout and her dreamlike vocals instantly draw you in.

“I was heavily inspired by the pop rock/singer songwriter girlies that are out right now, as well as the alternative R&B girlies. I aspire to harness a fraction of their beauty and talent. Women rock.”urfriendgrace.

While many artists these days are releasing projects that sound like a bunch of singles put together in one, urfriendgrace has dropped a cohesive album she should be proud of. hopeful nocturnal is the type of album you listen to from start to finish without skipping, and one that has a deep meaning— music with substance always wins.

“I tried to harness my hopeless romantic energy, and the almost sadness that comes with being so dreamlike. If I had to describe it, each song is like the margins of a shy girl’s lined loose leaf paper— filled with doodles and scribbles alluding to daydreams that waste the boring school days away.”urfriendgrace.

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