Urban Heat Release New Single “That Gun In Your Hand”

Emerging band Urban Heat release new single “That Gun In Your Hand”.

Urban Heat are a new and rising band formed by Jonathan Horstmann, formerly of electro-punk band BLXPLTN. Their new single “That Gun In Your Hand”, the first release on new label Spaceflight, has politically-charged undertones throughout and this nostalgic vibe that will remind some listeners of bands that were on top of the world in the late 90s. With its universal appeal thanks to its eclectic feel, the song will attract music lovers who enjoy songs with a powerful message.

“There were all those school shootings back to back and I couldn’t help but think that if someone had known and could talk to one of these kids beforehand that maybe we’d be able to talk them down. The line ‘don’t shy away from your love’ refers to this idea that we all have good and evil both in us, and we can’t shy away from that good inside” Urban Heat.

Stream “That Gun In Your Hand” below:

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