Under The Radar #2

Six hidden gems by six promising artists that have gone under the radar

Welcome back to Under The Radar, where we shine a spotlight on six hidden gems from six promising artists that you might have missed. These tracks may not be on everyone’s playlist yet, but they’re definitely deserving of your attention.

Jayden Hills — “Love Me Alone”

We found “Love Me Alone” on Sound.xyz, and have had it on repeat ever since. Built over an electronic-centred production, “Love Me Alone” is one of the best debuts we’ve heard this year. Jayden Hills​ showcases remarkable songwriting skills, but it’s her dynamic vocal performance layered over the vibrant production that truly captivates. The song explores themes of self-discovery following heartbreak — the perfect anthem for those currently in the process of healing.

Leopard Boy — “Colour Blind”

With “Colour Blind”, Leopard Boy storms onto the post-punk scene with a debut that resonates with raw emotion and undeniable authenticity. From the first note, the track captivates and instantly connects with listeners— weaving a narrative of introspection and vulnerability that cuts straight to the heart. A breath of fresh air within the UK music scene, Leopard Boy offers a glimpse into a future where honesty and artistry reign supreme.

KÄSSY — “Skirt On Pants”

A standout debut from KÄSSY, “Skirt On Pants” is a vibrant and genre-defying track that captivates with its glitchy vocals and infectious energy. With each listen, you’re drawn deeper into its dynamic soundscape, where she effortlessly showcases her immense potential. Definitely one to watch this year.

adam’5 — “left inside”

French artist adam’5 (pronounced as ‘adams’), makes a compelling debut with “left inside”. Effortlessly blending elements of hyperpop and indie rock, the song pulses with energy, captivating listeners from the beginning. Lyrically, he offers a poignant reflection on youth and the inevitable changes that come with growing up, confronting the feelings of disillusionment and resentment with raw honesty. What makes this debut more intriguing is adam’5 decision to sing in English, adding a unique twist to his artistry and opening doors to a wider audience.


Ledbyher continues to push boundaries with her genre-bending lo-fi bedroom pop sound— seamlessly blending elements of R&B, soul and rap into a captivation fusion. Her latest single, “SPILLING CANDLES” is a brilliant track with replay value— it instantly captivates listeners with its dreamy ambiance. Her vocals effortlessly glide over the lush production to create a vibe that reminds us of artists like Greentea Peng and IAMDDB.

som som — “Die Young”

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Hungarian singer-songwriter som som makes his DNü debut with his new single, “Die Young”, the first of 4 new singles set to drop this Spring. This indie rock track delivers a catchy yet unfiltered vibe, inviting listeners into som som’s introspective musings on life’s unpredictable journey.

Featured Image: Jayden Hills

Sandman — Bite The Bullet