Fake Dad — Crybaby

LA-based duo Fake Dad release new single “Crybaby”

Fake Dad return on DNü with their new single, “Crybaby”. The track delves into the struggle of someone fixated on fame yet not being taken seriously. The track’s indie rock sound gives it an authentic feel. Set against a backdrop of swirling guitars and emotive vocals, amplified by the raw honesty of the lyrics and energetic vibe of the music, the duo have delivered a brilliant (as well as fun) track about the toxic cycle of success/attention for a whole generation who see ourselves as temporarily disgraced superstars.

“Some songs are just effortless to write, and this was one of those. We went into the studio trying to build a song around a singular riff, and the second we found it, everything else just came pouring out. We love to explore things that might be frustrating or weighing us down in our music, but we also have a deep respect for and fascination with music that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Crybaby is just saturated with that energy—we like to think you can hear how much fun we had making it.” Andrea & Josh of Fake Dad.

Stream “Crybaby” below:

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