ToyQueens — ChemicalBlood

ToyQueens shares impressive new single “ChemicalBlood”

Hailing from the south east of England, ToyQueens is an alternative artist known for combining multiple genres paired with dreamy vocals to create his electrifying sound that has drawn comparisons to acts such as Bleachers, The Neighbourhood and Badflower.

His new single “ChemicalBlood” is a guitar-infused track which effortlessly blends electronic music and is laced with gorgeous vocals reminiscent of the emo-era. In other words, it sounds like a Royal Blood-meets-The Neighbourhood track with sprinkles of pop. It’s a brilliant track with lots of replay value. Add this gem to your playlists.

“The track’s production is based on the Miley Cyrus ‘Plastic Hearts’ album. I wanted to create something with a refined modern feel but also filled with nostalgic, gritty imperfections. A wall of sound with hidden textures and retro subplots. Retro-futurism maybe? The words themselves speak from my feelings and experiences whilst telling a fictional narrative exploring facades, intoxication, self hatred and love”ToyQueens.

Stream “Chemical Blood” below:

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