Top 100 Songs of 2019: 10 – 1

We’ve finally reached the Top 10 — these songs were either simply outstanding or were in heavy rotation throughout the year on our favourite streaming platform. Although the artists below are still on the rise, two of them have already achieved recent success and will continue to do so in 2020. It’s been a great year for music, especially for the sounds that inspired me to create this little platform and promote artists who I feel are often overlooked.

In the past few years we’ve discovered artists such as THEY., 6LACK, Sofi de la Torre, Tory Lanez, A.CHAL, Haley Smalls, Darci, Jordan Hollywood, 451 and more. Most of these artists have gone on to be signed by major record labels and some are still building and patiently waiting for their time to come. We wish the artists that on our Top 100 Songs of 2019 nothing but the best and hope they all become successful.

Check out our Top 10 Songs of 2019 below:

10: SAINt JHN x Lil Baby — Trap

SAINt JHN’s banger “Trap” took his career to another level thanks to its mainstream appeal and Lil Baby’s guest appearance. Featuring his hypnotic rap-sung style and nonchalant attitude, JHN slowly transitioned into the commercial world without sounding corny. Play this one loud.

9: Eryn Martin — Ball

Alluring vocals built over a bouncy trap-infused production, Eryn Martin’s “Ball” is seriously one of those songs that has so much replay value. The single elevated her career and has recently led her to signing a deal with Cinematic Music Group. A bright future ahead for the Canadian singer-songwriter.

8: DeathByRomy — Diamond Tears

At her young age, DeathbyRomy’s songwriting ability is beyond her years, she’s also a top tier vocalist and occasionally, an impressive rapper too. “Diamond Tears” is arguably her best song to date — the single showcased her captivating vocal abilities and her almost poetical lyricism, as well as her potential to achieve mainstream success in the future. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

7: BLESSED — Memoirs of a Melancholy

Ever since he dropped his impressive debut single “One and Only” back in 2016, Australian singer, songwriter and producer BLESSED has been one of the best emerging artists on the planet. “Memoirs of the Melancholy” is an outstanding song that blends alternative rap and alternative rock effortlessly. It’s an emotionally-driven song that connects with listeners and has this anthemic-like chorus — just picture thousands of people singing it out loud at a concert.

6: K-SI Yang — Shoot Me Down

As you’ve noticed we love emotionally-driven songs, and K-SI Yang’s “Shoot Me Down” is just that with melancholic undertones throughout. With its chilling trap-infused production and Yang’s lyricism that touches on battling his own demons whilst trying to make a breakthrough with his music; it’s something many of us can relate to.

5: Ama Lou — NORTHSIDE

In a list surrounded by dark, emotionally-driven and melancholic songs, London, UK singer-songwriter Ama Lou finds herself here with the captivating “NORTHSIDE”. There’s a lot of positive vibe throughout this song as she sings about her hometown, making some of us homesick and even appreciate our own hometown a bit more. This is a vibe.

4: Trevor Daniel — Never

To all the new Trevor Daniel fans reading this after being exposed to “Falling”, well, this young man has been really good for a long time, and his best song thus far is a song called “Never”. With it’s bouncy production, catchy chorus and once again emotionally-driven and relatable lyrics, Trevor Daniel delivered one of the best songs of the year. 2020 is going to be a huge year for him.

3: Aries — DEITY

“DEITY” is an outstanding song that has a nostalgic grunge vibe of the era when the likes of Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Staind etc were on top of the world. With its widespread appeal and relatable content, Aries delivered a passionate song that has made him one of the best emerging artists out there.

2: The KTNA — OWT

The self-proclaimed sisters of darkness are a talented duo and twin sisters from Manchester, UK. Their breathtaking single “OWT (One Way Ticket)” features multi-instrumentalist Galina Juritz who provides a soulful instrumentation. The KTNA deliver an excellent vocal performance, blessing us with their beautiful raspy vocals as they sing about escaping reality and travelling to some place better than the situation they’re in — a sentiment many of us can relate to. It doesn’t matter what style of music you’re into, “OWT” is the type of song that will instantly connect with you and be remembered for the sisters passionate performance and introspective lyricism.

1: Bavé — Kimberly White

Mysterious Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Bavé appeared out of nowhere with the best song of the year “Kimberly White”. The flawless alternative R&B single which is closely related to the likes of Frank Ocean and Blood Orange sonically. Bavé’s alluring and chilling voice is captivating as he flourishes over a fantastic production. With two songs on our Top 100 Songs list, we’re really excited to hear what’s next for one of the best new artists we’ve ever come across.

Featured image: Bavé

Photography: Banfa Jawla

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