Introducing Emerging Talent CatchTwentyTwo

We had the opportunity to have a conversation with CatchTwentyTwo, an artist we feel you should keep your eyes on in the 2020’s.

Emerging talent CatchTwentyTwo is a unique artist stuck in an era where many young artists struggle to find and develop their own sound. The Broward County, Florida singer, songwriter and producer is known to fuse elements of lofi, dark R&B and pop music effectively. His latest single “Solar Flame” is probably his best release to date — written, produced, recorded and engineered in his bedroom, a place where has crafted every single he has dropped thus far. He sings about feeling for a person that’s in an invested relationship and can’t break away from it over a captivating production that has a nostalgic vibe.

Read our conversation below:

Hey, how are you doing?

Hi, I’m okay, thank you for asking, and thanks for this.

No problem. What have you been up to recently?

I’ve just been trying to come up with new ideas, and getting ready for the new year.

Sounds good. What’s the story behind your artist name?

My name means a dilemma or situation you can’t get out of because of limitations, I don’t like to be told that I can’t do something, or that something won’t happen, because if I don’t try, or if you don’t try, no one will ever really know, that’s a “catch 22”. I put it all in one word.

I like that. What artists were you exposed to when you were growing up?

I was exposed to a lot of older music by my dad. A lot of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, The Temptations, and of course the artist formerly known as Prince.

Amazing! Which one of those artists has inspired you the most?

Michael Jackson hands down, he helped me in so much, from interviews and videos of him live, he made me feel like i could sing, and that I could dance.

King of Pop forever man. Talk us through the creative process of your new single “Solar Flare” ?

My process making “Solar Flare” was different than the others, I made the beat this time in a studio here in Miami, all in one night, maybe in less than an hour or so. And after that I just took it home, wrote it for a few days, and then sang it, engineered it, and mastered on that same day after writing.

How long did it take you to create it?

It took me a week to make the song we can say, a night to make the beat, a few days to write, scraping lines, redoing stuff, and then my favourite, a day to record.

What message are you trying to convey on the song?

It’s blatant — I would think, I’ll bite my tongue on that one and save the trouble for now. Maybe she knows, maybe she doesn’t.

Oooh. Do you think there’s a market for you within the music industry?

I want to make people feel amazing, I want people to feel absolutely like themselves, and loose, and have fun when they listen to the music, I want people to express their emotions, not to hold them in, if you wanna cry, cry. If you need to scream, then scream in joy, or in rage — and if a Catch concert ever comes to your town, you need to feel like if you’re not there, you’re not anywhere, that’s my job as an artist. I want to set the bar for visuals, for performances…and ultimately. It’s up to you, what do you think?

I hear you loud and clear my man. Are you planning to release any visuals for your songs?

Sadly no visuals yet — only snippets, soon, I hope.

Ah damn. Do you have any aims/goals for next year?

My goals, to be happy. Better music, more music in a shorter amount of time, while still applying pressure.

Nice. What’s next?

“What’s next?” — I always like when I see that quote. Let’s keep that one a secret, everything else you know. More music. Thank you again.

Stream “Solar Flare” below:

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