tmdistant x priestess — “placebo dreams”

tmdistant and priestess team up on new single “placebo dreams”

Essex, UK alternative up-and-comer tmdistant teams up with Philadelphia’s alternative rock sensation priestess for their electrifying collaboration, “placebo dreams”. This dynamic pairing brings together the best of both artists, resulting in a track that is not only anthemic but also radiates an infectious energy certain to connect with listeners on both sides of the pond. Overall, the collaboration showcases both artists impressive vocals and writing, seamlessly intertwining with melodies that strikes the perfect balance between euphoria and melancholy.

Produced by Abare and Song Higginson, the track explores lucid dreaming. The artists touch on this below.

“My thoughts were to write something about being in a dream without knowing that you’re in a dream. Almost like being lost in a land you’ve never seen before and you’re searching for something but you don’t know what that something is. You could say soul searching in your mind. Opening your own mind without knowing what you’re looking for is within you. That’s how I feel like my last year has been. Self searching and growth without knowing. I feel as if I haven’t done anything this year but I’ve found out a lot of things about other people, things, life, aspirations, expectations and myself without even knowing that’s what I was trying to do. It was like a subconscious thought of mine. So I wanted to write something to encapsulate how that felt and come to the realisation of knowing what was going on.”tmdistant

“I was really excited to hop on this track, especially because the concept was right up my alley. The veil between dreams and reality is something I explore in my own music, so it was very fun being able to create something for t’s project that would give it another meaning. Lyrically, we discussed the topic of lucid dreaming, my personal experiences of déjà rêvé (déjà vu but for dreams) inspired me heavily. Sometimes I feel like I’ve seen things before but in a dream and at times I get caught up in what they could mean.”priestess

tmdistant headlines Colours Hoxton on 27th March 2024. Tickets available here.

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