Meagre Martin — Malcolm

Berlin-based indie band Meagre Martin release new single “Malcolm”

Founded by African-American musician and songwriter Sarah Martin in the summer of 2021, Berlin-based indie project Meagre Martin have been making waves with their intriguing blend of lo-fi and new Americana.

Today, they make their DNü debut with their new single “Malcolm”. Departing from their usual style, this track boasts a powerful, guitar-driven sound that echoes the themes of rebellion and resilience found in its lyrics. Overall, this is a noteworthy evolution in their sonic journey, showcasing a new facet of the bands artistry that promises to connect, and captivate listeners.

“We grew up watching Malcolm in the Middle; something about it has always felt like home. The financial instability the parents face feels very familiar, yet the vibrancy they portray resonates. Malcolm’s struggle to climb out of generational trauma and poverty is relatable.”Meagre Martin.

Stream “Malcolm” below:

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