tmdistant — the point of dating?

tmdistant explores modern love in stunning new single “the point of dating?”

Essex-based alternative artist tmdistant showcases his versatility with his latest single “the point of dating?” by deftly fusing indie and pop to create a vibrant track with emotional undertones that explores the complexities of modern dating. The introspective track also showcases his artistic range and emotive capabilities as a singer-songwriter. Overall, the stunning collaboration with New York producer Abare instantly hooks listeners in thanks to its exciting sonics, infectious hook and relatable subject matter.

“This song is about modern day relationships and what it has become compared to what it used to be. These days most people are in relationships just to be in one without actually being in love and that is so sad to me because love is such a beautiful thing and I value it highly even as friendship. Toxicity is so overly romanticised, it’s insane to me, and that’s why I thought I should write something about it in hopes some people can hear it and see how weird we are as a society and make a change in themselves. I know a lot of people feel the same way but don’t say anything because they think they’re alone in those feelings but trust me there are plenty of us who still love.”tmdistant.

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Photo Credit: Lee Cox

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