Hannah Stow — Sunflowers

Australian indie pop artist Hannah Stow unveils new single “Sunflowers”

Perth-based indie pop artist Hannah Stow is known for her unique take on pop music— she infuses her tracks with raw emotion, a vibrant pallet of instrumentation and a distinctive Australian flavour.

Today, she makes her DNü debut with her new single “Sunflowers”. Built over a bright, captivating production which is a perfect match with her stunning laid-back vocals, the track captures the delicate moment in a relationship just before someone utters the words “I love you”. It explores the impression that your partner doesn’t fully understand you and the reluctance to communicate intense feelings because of perceived unfamiliarity.

My girlfriend said she loved me after 3 weeks of dating and I was trying to prove to her that what she felt was lust and not love. I said, ‘You know nothing about me,’ and she said, ‘I know your favourite colour is red, you didn’t walk until you were two because everyone kept picking you up, and I don’t know if they’re your favourite – but I know for sure you like Sunflowers’. The moment she said that I knew it would make a catchy song. So, ‘Sunflowers’ discusses the point in a relationship right after someone says ‘I love you’ where you’re feeling like they don’t know you well enough to express those emotions. It unpacks the moment you’re being proven wrong as they highlight facts about you which you thought they never listened to.”Hannah Stow.

Stream “Sunflowers” below:

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