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18 year-old emerging artist tmdistant examines the breakdown of a toxic relationship on new single “break”

Essex, UK-based emerging artist tmdistant has been showcasing his versatility since the beginning of the year. Although he’s best known as one half of the alternative rap duo Tm & Remy, the 18 year-old has always been a singer at heart, having grown up singing at his local church choir.

His new single “break” is his best release thus far— he combines catchy pop melodies and subtle trap elements that fuse the track together to create a genre-bending heartbreak anthem. Entwined with passionately-delivered vocals, he reflects back on his past relationship, wishing he could go back in time to save himself from the pain he endured.

“I was speaking about past relationships or even current, I was speaking for the people in my life with no voice, people who are scared to speak upon the things that harm them emotionally or physically. A lot of people have things they need to break away from. Painful relationships that are too hard to let go off because you’re too invested or even commitments you think you need because that’s all you know. There is something everyone needs to break away from and we all know breaking something leaves you fragile and broken. Even for you to break something it needs to be fragile. Pain is temporary. That’s why anything if there is holding you down, break away. It’ll save your life. Time heals all wounds” — tmdistant

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