Issey Cross — M40 (Love Me Now)

Rising star Issey Cross reveals striking new single “M40 (Love Me Now)”

Although London-based singer-songwriter Issey Cross has been one of the best newcomers on the scene this year, it still feels as though as she’s being overlooked. Known for her distinctive look— half pink, half green dyed hair like Harley Quinn, chunky rings and jewellery, the 21 year-old artist is one of most gifted pop vocalists around today, and in recent months, she has become a DNü favourite.

After garnering plenty of acclaim with her debut EP Mirrors Don’t Lie, Cross is back with another solid offering, “M40 (Love Me Now)”, produced by ADP. She once again showcases her crisp vocal abilities which float beautifully over the captivating production. Accompanied by another dark music video directed by Fred Paginton, Issey Cross proves she has what it takes to be a household name with another excellent release.

“I wrote m40 to help me through being in a long distance relationship, which is hard enough without being in lockdown for more than a year. I spent so much time on the m40 it felt right to write a song about it!” — Issey Cross.

Stream “M40 (Love Me Now)” below:

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