Thunderous Knight — No Call No Show

Thunderous Knight drops EP visualiser for No Call No Show

A native of Long Beach and Inland Empire Thunderous Knight fuses the eccentricity of Pharrell with the explosive, deafening, yet ultimately balanced nature of thunder. He also incorporates Outkast’s funkadelic hip-hop approach.

He’s released an EP visualiser after the release of his 8-track EP No Call No Show on 14th July. The EP reflects the insight he had that he would take care of himself if no one else would come through for him. The collection of songs range in energy and style, offering a little something for listeners. Title track “No Call No Show” is one of the best hip-hop tracks you’ll hear this year— Thunderous Knight deserves more attention.

 “Not showing up for one’s self is fatal to one’s reality. Realizing self love heals emotional, physical, mental and spiritual damage.” — Thunderous Knight.

Stream “No Call No Show” below:

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