Teflon Sega — I Know All Your Secrets

Mysterious electronic R&B artist Teflon Sega shines on pop-tinged rock single “I Know All Your Secrets”

Over the past few years, Teflon Sega, a 2D anime singer, songwriter and producer has been consistently releasing captivating songs that have amassed millions of streams on Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. Some of his memorable hits include the SAINt JHN-assisted electronic-centred dark R&B banger “Beretta Lake”, “22hrs”, “Deleted Conversations” and “FRZZN”. Known for his haunting beautifully vocals which often float effortlessly over trap-infused beats, and shrouded in mystery, Teflon Sega is an exceptionally talented and dedicated artist who has been following his own unique vision since 2016.

Although he’s well known for his R&B songs which tend to combine or have elements of electronic, indie and hip-hop, his latest offering “I Know All Your Secrets” truly showcases his versatility as an artist. With its emotionally-charged lyrics, the pop-rock tinged track draws inspiration from a tough breakup. Despite it being fuelled by heartbreak, the songs infectiously catchy chorus has this euphoric and stadium vibe that could probably mend one’s broken heart— play this out loud and see for yourself.

Stream “I Know All Your Secrets” below:

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