Tae Brooks Shines On “Guillotine”

Tae Brooks’ first release of the year “Guillotine” is a captivating track that showcases his true potential.

22 year-old Cincinnati native and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Tae Brooks first caught the world’s attention back in 2011 on YouTube, where his channel amassed over 5.5 million views. That exposure jumpstarted his career, leading to a 3 year recurring role on a project in Japan. The rising star was also the male lead voice of the Disney 365 theme song for several years, and is the voice of Michael Jackson in the animated TV series Black Dynamite. That’s an impressive CV for someone his age.

Although those achievements are something to be proud of, his music has somewhat been criminally overlooked despite releasing a plethora of strong singles. His latest offering “Guillotine” is his best release to date — it’s a beautifully-sung and captivating single that combines alternative R&B with sprinkles of pop flawlessly. With an infectiously catchy and contemporary sound, Tae Brooks has put himself on the map as one of the most exciting emerging acts around. Watch this space.

“Guillotine is about a heartsick outcry of one’s most intimate and agonising thoughts following the termination of a venturous relationship pre-destined for affliction of the heart”Tae Brooks.

Stream “Guillotine” below:

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