Swedish Collective KB12 Share New Single “Aqua Dior”

Swedish collective KB12 release brand new single “Aqua Dior”.

The collective is made up of four songwriters and producers are heavily influenced by Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B music. They rarely sing lead vocals themselves, instead, they often use singers based around the Stockholm music scene to take the centre stage. Their new single “Aqua Dior” is both ambitious and experimental, staying true to their genre-bending sound. It’s a satisfying electronic-centred alternative R&B track with melodic vocals throughout.

“Aqua Dior is a story about love, depression and youth. It depicts a relationship between two people that has to remain intact no matter the adversity. The song aims to portray feelings of hopelessness and desperation but also tries to show the beauty in not having control of your life”KB12.

Stream “Aqua Dior” below:

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