Swedish-American Artist Mapei Unveils New Single “Sensory Overload”

Swedish-American artist Mapei was born in Providence, Rhode Island, by the age of 10 she moved with her mother to Sweden and began a new life in an unfamiliar country. Learning how to cope in different situations from an early age had an impact on the singer-songwriter, she often struggled with finding her identity. It wasn’t until recently she finally accepted herself as an artist and as a creative. This journey of self-reflection has inspired her latest work.

Her brand new single “Sensory Overload” is the excellent follow up from last single “Rise Up” — a genre-busting track that’s enjoyable from start to finish. Mapei’s vocals float beautifully over the marching production, keeping listeners engaged throughout.

“‘Sensory Overload’ is about the overflood of information we consume everyday without actually reflecting on how it affects us. It’s about how strong we are, due to the circumstances that we’re put into. It’s about never giving up, even through the pain.”Mapei.

Listen to “Sensory Overload” below:

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Photo Credit: Patricia Reyes

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