SHEARS Unveils New Single “Ideas”

Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter SHEARS unveils new single “Ideas”, accompanied by music video.

Having spent her early years as a notable star of the YouTube music community, which saw her build a respectable online following, Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter Rebecca ‘SHEARS’ Shearing moved to the capital city at the age of 17 to study vocals at university, and started writing the songs she wanted to sing. After releasing her debut single “Circle Line” last year, she went on to sell out her debut headline show, performed live sessions for BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio nan Gàidheal, and also ended the year being named in the List Magazine’s Hot 100 of 2019.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic cancelling all 2020 touring plans, SHEARS has kept herself busy playing live-streamed shows on YouTube and building a private community of fans around the world on Facebook. Her new single “Ideas” was written after watching the documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted’, which looks at young girls entering the sex trade in Miami. “Ideas” is a beautifully-written song, built over an electronic-centred production which flawlessly matches with SHEARS’ glorious vocal performance. Although London seems to be the focus city when it comes to UK artists or UK music, there’s a plethora of talented artists that need our attention coming out of Scotland too, and SHEARS is one of them. Press play.

“Although it’s the right job for some, I couldn’t stop thinking about the exploitation it uncovered and the difficulty it caused in maintaining personal relationships. It’s an argument between a young woman new to the industry and her close partner. Everyone has been stuck indoors for so long, I wanted to make a video that felt open and free so I decided to have a dance in the countryside at 3am. I gathered all the cameras I could find in my house and drove up to the Pentlands to film this video. It was already light but the sun didn’t come up until around 5am. The colours were amazing throughout.  I was running for my coat in between takes because it was freezing cold and I couldn’t feel my hands, but it was worth it” — SHEARS.

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