Ghostly Kisses — Darkroom

Ghostly Kisses release stunning new album Darkroom

“Empty Note” by the French-Canadian duo Ghostly Kisses was one of the main inspirations behind the creation of DNü. Over the past nine years, Ghostly Kisses has cultivated a deep connection with their global fanbase through extensive touring and captivating releases. Their ethereal music has garnered critical acclaim from publications such as CLASH, Wonderland and many more.

Their previous album, Heaven, Wait, has amassed an impressive 150 million streams across various platforms. Meanwhile the current singles from their new album, Darkroom, have already garnered over 2 million streams.

The duo, Margaux Sauvé and Louis-Étienne Santais‘ latest offering Darkroom is a spellbinding 12-track album that seamlessly fuses electronic, pop and alternative genres with sprinkles of garage. The opening track “There’s No More Space” sets a dreamy tone, exploring themes of lost connections. The darker and impactful “Keep It Real” delves into the pain of insincere relationships, while “Golden Eyes”, a bouncy track with a nostalgic vibe, explores the vulnerability of admitting love for a best friend.

“So many people were telling us that they listened to our music through heartbreak, grief, pain, questions they asked themselves, so I thought we should give others a safe space to do the same. For this project, I wanted to live in those themes, those experiences, to make it a multidimensional conversation. For example, we heard from a lot of fans from countries where they couldn’t openly love the person they were in love with for political or social reasons. I felt that pain, identified with it in my own way, and knew many others would too.”Margaux Sauvé.

Throughout the album, the duo delve into a range of themes that will connect with listeners from all walks of life. They achieve this in an exquisitely unique manner— seamlessly blending melancholic and introspective lyrics with vibrant, danceable production. The juxtaposition of sadness and energy creates a compelling and immersive listening experience. Delivered with both finesse and flair, Darkroom is a brilliant, must-listen album that showcases the immense talent of a duo who are vastly underrated and deserve much greater recognition.

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