Shaz x kwes e — Denial

London-based R&B artist Shaz links up with kwes e on new single “Denial”

Having spent much of her childhood travelling the world, London-native Shaz has grown up in a melting pot of cultures, sounds and art. A truly gifted individual, growing up she studied piano, guitar, singing and dance. As an artist she’s known for her smooth soulful sound, melodies, honest and empathetic lyrics.

Her latest offering “Denial” is a smooth collaboration with London rapper kwes e where both artists detail the end of a relationship and the thoughts that accompany the realisation that it’s over. They both deliver as Shaz shines with her stunning vocal abilities and emotionally-driven lyricism, and kwes e’s rap verse flows effortlessly over the lush production.

“This song is about mourning something that ended before you were ready for it to. Like maybe a final conversation you never got to have. Instead of picking up the phone and saying it, I put it in this song. I can only describe the song’s sound as what the colour blue feels like. That’s exactly it. I collaborated with the super talented rapper kwes e on this track, who brought his unique flows and perfect chill rap to this tune. The track features a lot of reversed and backwards vocal samples, and tape rewind sound effects, reflecting the feeling of going round in circles perhaps in your head, and even wanting to go backwards”Shaz.

Stream “Denial” below:

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