Foxxglove — High on Hope

Foxxglove shines on triumphant new single “High on Hope”

Hailing from Ferndale in South Wales, Foxxglove is a dark and alternative pop artist who takes inspiration from her own life experiences, films, and art to tell a story that captures people’s hearts— her raw and open emotion seeps through every part of her music.

Her new single “High on Hope” is a beautifully-written upbeat alt-pop track with sprinkles of rock— a perfect release to close the year out. The vocal performance is breathtaking, it instantly draws you in as she sings “we are the lost kids, wanna feel fearless”, a line which aims to unite outcasts, misfits and those who never feel like they fit the status quo.

Together with its captivating production, “High on Hope” is a brilliant song with universal appeal. It sounds like something you’d hear in a superhero film where the protagonist finally finds his/her/their strength to finally to stand up for themselves or a character who finally meets likeminded people who don’t judge what they look like, what they’re into and more. Beautiful.

“High on Hope is born out of desperately trying to find like minded people and to be accepted and live fearlessly. I first thought of the lyrics whilst in alternative night clubs in Cardiff such as ‘Metros’ and ‘Team Up’ with my friends. I remember feeling happy and free and that I could be completely and utterly myself, something that I haven’t always felt throughout my life. It’s kind of an anthem for ‘outcasts and oddballs’. I was bullied throughout my time at school and always made to feel like a ‘weirdo’ or a ‘freak’. But I found people who were just as unique as I was and we all come together at these alternative night clubs and it just feels amazing like ‘getting high on hope’. That’s what the song encapsulates”Foxxglove.

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Photo Credit: Ashlea Bea

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