Shaker Goes Back To His Roots On New Single “On My Own”

One of the most sought-after artists within the alt-R&B genre Shaker, goes back to his roots on new single “On My Own”.

When it comes to combining dark R&B and hip-hop to create a moody late vibes, emerging artist Shaker undoubtedly sits at the top of many people’s lists. After experimenting with different sounds, which was fairly successful, he returns to unique and original sound on “On My Own”, which he crafted with producer and long time friend Cobra.

One of the main inspirations for “On My Own”, originally stemmed from the lack of connection between Shaker and his inner world, as well as the discomfort that it had caused him. Exuding confidence, he delivers a stunning vocal performance with raw emotion over an excellent production. Press play.

Stream “On My Own” below:

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