Bekki Hlava Bares Her Soul On “In Return”

Bekki Hlava bares her soul on emotionally-driven new single “In Return”.

Standing at 5’11, Czech/Ugandan/English singer-songwriter Bekki Hlava is not only just a model with her beautiful looks, she’s also a well established and respected artist. Raised in a village in Newcastle under Lyme, UK, the emerging star has travelled and collaborated with musicians from London to France and all the way to Los Angeles, USA.

Her new single “In Return” is a beautifully-written and emotionally-driven song which will resonate with many listeners out there— especially during this pandemic. Hlava’s vocal performance is breathtaking, and seamlessly matches with the lush production handled by Cory Barker and Gabriel Philip Kubanda. If you’re looking for a meaningful R&B/Soul song to listen to, this is it right here. Press play.

The release of the song falls within Mental Health Week, and she has written the Samaritans phone number on the artwork— they are a 24/7 UK helpline for suicide prevention and emotional support.

“This song was written at a very vulnerable time of my life. I was travelling in Los Angeles at the time and I found out that my nan, who was back in the UK, had just been diagnosed with skin cancer. I didn’t know the severity of the situation (and thankfully today she has the all clear) yet, at the time it was scary and I was missing home a lot! I was also suffering with a flare of a chronic health condition called ‘Ulcerative Colitis’ whilst still trying to tirelessly create music, go to events and keep up a positive demeanour to everyone around me. I was exhausted and burnt out! As I was humming the melodies to the instrumental, I started to sob and mutter the words ‘I’ve been in a dark place’. I wanted to express all of this emotion in a song but I was scared that it may sound too sad and have a negative impact on those who listened to it. My good friend and also the co-writer of the song, Tyran Brown, explained that it is okay to be vulnerable and honest in my music because it will touch those who are going through something similar. Now 12 months later, at a time when I am happy and healthy, this song is a representation of the fact that dark times happen to all of us and that they do not last forever! Hopefully this song also releases some of the stigma around talking about Mental Health, because once we talk about it, we can stop feeling ashamed and alone and hiding in the dark”Bekki Hlava.

Stream “In Return” below:

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