Shadi G — Conversations Part. 1

Shadi G releases captivating Conversations Part. 1 EP

Blessed with one of the most unique soulful and striking voices out there, Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Shadi G has been on our radar for the past two years, and in those two years she’s become one of our favourite emerging artists. Her music combines R&B, soul, hip-hop and Persian music, where she she has her roots. Today, she has released her captivating EP, Conversations Part. 1 — the first of three EP to be released in a series of three called Conversations. On the EP she explores the art of conversation and relations.

The EP is a vocal masterpiece built over some of the best productions you’ll hear today. Throughout the EP there’s gorgeous elements of Middle Eastern vibes, giving the project a lot of flavour. The four track EP features the outstanding “Jahaie Jadid”, a song that details the new paths you need take on because the old ones won’t lead you to where you need to be. “All I Can Be” is another excellent track— it’s more uptempo, and truly showcases Shadi’s breathtaking vocals.

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