Sexy And Honest, I M U R Unveil New Single “Sad Girls Club”

Your new favourite genre-bending make-out music trio I M U R unveil new single “Sad Girls Club”.

It’s giving 2012 Weeknd vibes in terms of the beat, and the swaying production gives the feeling of classic toxic R&B but with unique electronic sounds littered through the track, really catching my ear in the bridge. Jenny Lea’s beautiful tone floats through this song telling us an honest story of self-reflection, strength in vulnerability, and the courage to tackle taboo subjects like addiction/recovery and female sexuality. I think this subject matter sets them apart from a lot of other artists, speaking truthfully about the struggle of substance’s rather than glorifying the pitfalls of addiction, something too common in this industry.

This song specifically is a song of personal worth, it focuses on the self depreciation many of us face when we’re feeling low. It’s about self-deprecation, unworthiness, and being burdensome. How quickly self care goes down the drain when our subconscious minds want nothing to do with us, and its very relatable. Pretty much everyone I know is in the Sad Girls Club these days ya know…

The trio is composed of singer/songwriter Jenny Lea, producer/guitarist Mikey J Blige, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Amine Bouzaher. The band formed in 2015 and they found early organic success with single, “Trippin’ On Feet”. Their third full length album, Molecules is expected this summer, and I am excited to hear the stories this band decides to tell.

Stream “Sad Girls Club” below:

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